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  • Academic Improvement
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  • Autism
  • Brain Injury
  • Career Advancement
  • CP
  • Developmental Disorders
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  • Sports Performance
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Get the latest news on Interactive metronome training, it's application and breakthroughs as well as insights in the science behind it and the latest tips and success stories from clients and therapist using IM and IM-Home.

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IM-Home is the Interactive Metronome (IM) for home-use. IM has been used for years to help you reach your brain and body’s full potential and now you do not need to go to the clinic to get the benefits.

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Confidence and fluency: William’s story


While no one is 100% fluent, stuttering is defined as three SLDs per 100 words. Thanks to IM therapy, William is no longer clinically categorized as a stutterer. IM therapy not only made William a more fluent individual, it gave him the confidence that he needed to engage new people and participate in conversations. Check out his story here.


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Video: IM helps Children & Adults with Dyslexia

Because we know how important videos have become in today's world we have started compiling footage of how the Interactive Metronome (IM) & IM-Home can help with a variety of conditions, including dyslexia. IM introduces rhythmic exercises to improve motor sequencing and planning, coordination, visual motion detection, attention, and many more key factors that affect dyslexia patients. The treatment is fun and is not limited to a therapist office; with the new IM-Home device you could maximize the results by incorporating them in your daily tasks. Watch the video see for yourself!

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